Top Travel Scams to Look Out For

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February 19, 2013 posted by Don Douloff

(Photo: Roger Price)

Business travel is stressful and busy. The last thing anyone needs or wants is to fall prey to one of the many travel scams out there. So the travel experts at are here to give you the upper hand with their Top 10 Travel Scams to Watch Out For. The best way to beat these cons at their game is to be aware, don¹t let your guard down and let them be the fool.

Here are two travel scams from the list to watch out for the next time you travel on business:

Fake Police. If, as a traveller, you find yourself being accused of a crime you didn’t commit, chances are you’re dealing with a counterfeit cop. For example, fake police might charge an over-the-top, on-the-spot fine for putting out a cigarette in public. Always check the officer’s ID and contact the real police if you have any doubts.

Distraction. This can be anything from a child waving a newspaper in your face, to an old woman needing assistance or a local helping you wipe a mess off your shirt. While you are distracted, a second crook comes in and swipes your stuff. The key to making it out with all your valuables intact is to pay careful attention to your belongings and others around you.

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